Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Vacation

It has been a few (stressful) months since I have posted. I finished the year off with the 4th graders, did 2 full time weeks of student teaching, finished a work sample (and passed), finished college classes, took my very last final of my bachelor's degree, and started summer vacation! 

My summer has been nothing but busy so far! As soon as I was done with finals I was off to Florida to visit with a nice, warm beach! Kansas was next, to visit family. A few days after arriving home more family was here to visit. Now my summer vacation/visiting plans are all finished. 

I am desperately waiting to hear what grade I am placed in for my full time teaching in the fall. I am ready to do lesson plans, and be a real teacher! In about 6 months I will be a substitute teacher.

Well, I'm off to pinterest to find more awesome teacher stuff! 

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