Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Vacation

I have just finished my first term (of four) of student teaching. It feels great now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! One more year until I graduate, and am officially a teacher. :) This last term of student teaching was just for getting my toes wet. I observed the teacher each week and observed some different locations throughout the school. My school is great, as is my classroom and teacher!
During the next term I will be going in more during the week, and I have a mini-lesson to do. I am getting super excited for the next term, and I almost wish Christmas would hurry up already!

Through my search online for all things classroom related, I have found a TON of education blogs. And have you searched Pinterest? Oh my word, I can spend all day on there! I have lots of boards you can check out. They are all organized (or should be) nicely. To find my boards, just click the pinterest link in the right sidebar. 

So, why a blog? I love blogging! It is a way to have an online journal, get support as a student-teacher and teacher, share awesome findings with other people who think they are just as awesome, and find other people who inspire me! For now my blog probably won't be updated too much. Rants and raves about student teaching. Since I don't have my own classroom I can't really post about anything I actually try on students. But I may post my ideas.

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