Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break is Over!

Well, its that time of year. Spring term is about to start, and I feel that I haven't gotten a break yet! I had plans of making the house clean and organized while on break this week, but my back disagreed. I've worked on completing parts of the work sample for next term, but that is about it. I will be doing a unit on biographies. We'll do some research, note-taking, make a time line, write a poem, draw a portrait, and write and give speeches! I am excited for this term, and having more responsibility.

I keep dreaming of the classroom I'll have one day, I cannot wait until that dream comes true for me. Graduation is nearing, I've been thinking up announcements/invitations, they shall be great! My plan is to go for a more elegant announcement; black card stock with red and gray accents/writing, and a very fun, teacher-like party invitation with a sparkly green apple! Those are on the agenda for this summer!


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